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Today we are talking about what a Reiki session looks like if you are new to the idea of Reiki or have never experienced a session before. Angela, our Reiki Master Practitioner at Sanctuary Wellness Spa, explains what it is and what to expect from a Reiki session.

What can Reiki do for me?
A Reiki session is like a massage for your energy field. At a fundamental level, we’re all made of energy physically, and our thoughts, emotions, and spiritual senses also flow through us as forms of energy. How you feel on a day to day basis is connected to how balanced, clear, or blocked your energy is, and it’s helpful to reset and recharge with the support of a Reiki session.

What is a Reiki session like?
The experience of a session is first and foremost relaxing. The practitioner’s hands apply the energy to your body in various hand positions as you relax on a massage table. They may use light touch or work just above the body in the energy field. Reiki is just as effective whether you’re fully clothed or receiving it just after a massage treatment – you can speak with your practitioner about your preference. Traditionally, talking is at a minimum during the session to allow for your deepest sense of relaxation. However, processing your experience of the energy is an important part of a Reiki session, and can be done as you go or afterward.

What will I feel during the session?
As the feeling of Reiki encourages your body to drift into a space of peaceful repose, any energy blockages and imbalances in your system are allowed to release. You may notice this as subtle sensations of tingling, warmth, coolness, or energy flow. Experiencing Reiki may even open up intuitive channels for you, allowing personalized insight to come through your awareness. You may notice emotional impressions passing through as they release. Your mind and body might move into such a state of calm that you fall asleep – this is just fine, as you still receive all the benefits of a session, awake or sleeping. Most people report a unique level of inner peace and refreshment after their session. Whatever you experience will be perfect for you at that time. Each session is different for each person, depending on what you’re needing and open to in that moment.

Is one session enough or will I need a series of sessions?
Each Reiki session provides the quality and amount of energetic shift appropriate for you at that time. Continued connection with Reiki energy can bring you to increasingly deeper levels of healing, well-being and clarity in your life. Processing blockages in a session, whether you’re aware of it happening or not, works to promote healing on all levels, prevent dis-ease, and free up your natural vitality. What are your wellness goals? Try a series of Reiki sessions and see how these are supported for you. Try adding Reiki to your next massage or facial to amplify your self-care benefits.

If you have any additional questions or are interested in booking a session please reach out! See you soon!