Chapped Lip Fixes and a DIY Exfoliation

It is that time of year where it may seem that dry, cracked, and irritated lips are something we have to live with until warmer weather comes around.  But with a few extra minutes of lip attention, you can keep them soft, healthy, and hydrated.  

A few tips to prevent dry lips from happening…

1. Protect your lips! Two of my favorite lip products that are clean and affordable are Dr. Bronner’s Organic Lip Balm in Naked and also our own local Golden Poppy Apothocary’s Ultimate Healing lip balm.  Ingredients that can help heal chapped lips are:

*Castor seed oil



*Hemp seed oil

*Shea butter

*Sun-protective ingredients that are mineral based such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide

2. Avoid allergens and irritants in your cosmetics and lip products that contain any of the following:



*Flavorings to products such as: cinnamon, citrus, peppermint




*Phenol (or phenyl)

*Propyl gallate

3. Stay hydrated by eating and drinking your fluids.  This is also the time to bring out the humidifier.

4. It may sound obvious, but avoid licking or biting your lips! Your lips become drier when your saliva evaporates. 

A DIY lip exfoliation that I’d like to share is based off of a recipe from Mountain Rose Herbs.  

1 Tbsp organic shea butter

1 Tbsp organic apricot oil

4 Tbsp organic sugar

1 drop of Non-Gmo Vit. E Oil

2 – 1oz. glass containers

1. Using a food processor, process sugar until it is slightly finer in texture but still enough texture  for a gentle exfoliation. 

2. Next pour apricot kernel oil in bowl. 

3. Add sugar and butter.

4. Mix with spoon until you have the consistency of a well combined paste. 

5. Scoop into desired containters.

To use:  Scoop a small amount, apply, and rub in a circular motion on the lip area.  After allowing to sit for a few moments, wipe off residue with a warm wash cloth, gently pat dry, and apply your favorite clean beauty lip balm.