Acupressure for the Eyes

Just like body massage, facial massage feels great and helps to relieve and relax expression lines due to tension held in the face, reduces puffiness caused by lymphatic stagnation, and can boost circulation for a natural glow. 

 Acupressure is an ancient therapy that everyone can benefit from and our eye area is a great place to start when it comes to this form of massage. This quick and easy sequence helps to relax an area that is responsible for so many facial movements.

Starting with clean hands and face, apply your favorite facial oil to the skin.  Using the cushioned pads of your fingertips, apply pressure above and below the eye along the orbital bone. This technique should never be painful, but you should feel a firm pressure in the area you are working on. Begin this simple sequence at the inner eyebrow, move to the mid brow, out to the temple, and circle down to finish beneath the middle of the eye. Hold each point for three breaths before moving to the next stop, and repeat it for a total of three times.  

This quick DIY massage will give you relief from sinus pressure, tension headaches, and give your eyes a bit of TLC from the stressors of the day. Try it at the end of a long day and let me know how you like it!