Spa Treatments For Acne


While skin care therapists or estheticians are not doctors they specialize in the treatment of the skin cosmetically. They apply treatments to the skin such as waxing and facials. Dependent on the state were they are located training requirements range from 300 to 600 hours of education.

For problems such as mild acne you can try an esthetician. They will be able to make recommendations such as the best skin care items to use for your skin and advice you on the proper daily skin care regime that you can use. They also are able to treat you to deep cleansing treatments which can help too. Skin spas and day spas tend to have estheticians on staff as do many medi-spas and dermatologists offices as they can work under doctors to offer supportive treatments.

Procedural Acne Treatments – These treatments are used mainly by estheticians, dermatologists and some practitioners. They treat mild to severe occurrences of acne. These treatments are supportive in nature and are used together with topical and systematic treatments.

Comedo extractions – This involves the gentle removal of plugs in the pores caused by sebum and cellular debris. The removal of comedones and blackheads can reduce the occurrence of breakouts. This can be done by estheticians in a facial or comedo extraction. More serious problems such as cysts and lesions must be removed by dermatologists via surgical methods.

Light chemical peels – These do not peel the skin but exfoliate the skin with the use of substances such as glycolic acid or alpha or beta hydroxy. This can improve acne as it removes dead cells and clears pores. Chemical peels can be included in facials especially where there is mild to moderate acne present. More serious acne means that dermatologists should be consulted to complete the procedure.

Microdermabrasion – This can be done at a skin spa or by dermatologists. There is the use of a machine which discharges fine crystals over the surface of the skin very quickly. This blasts dead skin cells out and does not hurt. This treatment exfoliates deeply and removes plugs in the pores. It is more suitable for persons with non inflamed acne, problems with blackheads or whiteheads.

Phototherapy – This is the use of laser or light treatments. These treatments kill bacteria on the skin such as P. acnes which is the root cause of acne. This can cut inflammation and shrink sebaceous glands. There are several types of laser treatments available which use blue or red light and more. This type of treatment is useful for mild to severe acne.

Corticosteroid injections – These are used in the treatment of cysts. The cyst is injected with the corticosteroid and inflammation and scarring are reduced. This type of skin lesion can damage the skin badly and Corticosteroid can help reduce damage and speed up healing.