Sanitas Solar Block

As the weather heats up and we are surely getting enticed to brave the sunny outdoors for summery activities, it is always important to make sure to be adequately protected from the sun. And while it may be easy to remember slathering on SPF for all your vital exposed skin, it’s also important to select the right sunscreen! Having a sunburn and damaged skin is one of the #1 summer beauty woes.

My quick remedy is to apply Sanitas Solar Block. Solar Block is a physical sunscreen, meaning it reflects harmful UVA, UVB, and UVC rays, instead of absorbing these harmful rays into your skin. The majority of sunscreens featured on the market today are chemical sunscreens; with evidence indicating that these products may be highly toxic. Heres one of the many online articles that highlights the potential health risks of chemical sunscreens:

Solar block is perfect for you, ladies, who do not want to skimp on protection and still look flawless this product is bound to be your #1 beauty must-have for the summer. Cheers to having fabulously healthy, sun-protected skin all summer! For further product information, check out this Sanitas product link: